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Cant log in CCC account



  • Steven_stowell

    I am asked to contact support, my email is and I am not recieving an email to sign into my account for peirce college admission. please help. I do not know my password and it says verified to this email address. 

  • CCCSupport9

    Hi Steven, 

    A ticket has been created for you, our helpdesk staff will be contacting you.

  • Desteny Pulido

    I can't seem to recover my account due to the account being linked to an old high school email that I no longer have access to.


  • CCCSupport9

    Hi Desteny Pulido,

    A ticket has been created for you to assist you with accessing your OpenCCC account, so you can submit your application to your college.

  • raymond ornelas

    I cant access my CCC account due to my account being linked to my disabled high school email, how can I change that email to a different one or access my account.

  • Matthew Rivera

    I can’t recover my account for the reason that it was an email used in High School that I do not have access to anymore.

  • adriana villanueva

    Hello my ccc account is connected to an old email account that i no longer have access to. Is there another way i can access my ccc account?


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